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Masonry Services
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Diamond Cut Masonry uses quality materials such as brick, block, glass block and tile. These materials with properly mixed mortar and excellent brickwork play a key part in the longevity of your masonry projects.

List Of Our Toronto Mason Services

Rebuilding or repairing will prevent leaks, fires and animals from damaging your home.
Brick Replacement
This service prevents weather damage and restores original look of home.
We do walkways, porches, stairs, basements, garages, etc.
Window Sills
Creating an attractive surrounding around your existing windows.
This will prevent water, salt and snow from damaging vulnerable areas.
Natural Stones
Let us install flagstones, retaining walls, veneer, etc. Beautifies porches, walkways and stairs.
We help by preventing deterioration to the structure of your home.
Fire Places
We can restore and repair your broken down fireplace to look like new again.
This service prevents water from penetrating foundation walls.
Structural Masonry
We create a strong, lasting, and eye-catching structural facade

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