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I would like to thank you and your staff for excellent masonry work on the porch pillar reconstruction at my Riverdale residence. Purchasing an older house means sometimes unexpected structural surprises when undertaking minor renovations - such was the case of my porch. What started as simple rebuild of deck boards and stairs soon escalated to something far more complex. The contractor I had hired to do the complete job discovered that existing support pillars were in grave condition, and that he could not recover the porch without prior professional inspection and advisory. Here is where Diamond Cut Masonry came in. After speaking to 3 companies I quickly realized that you were interested in attending to the situation and appreciated the time sensitivity of the required work, without which, the complete project was stalled. Despite your busy schedule, you were able to dispatch your team within 48 hours to assess the situation and provide a meaningful quote for the best and worst case scenarios. Apart from the pillar rebuild there was a possibility of foundation replacement. Following your assessment, I was pleased to hear this was not required and thankfully avoided additional costs. Further complication matters was the replacement of rotting floor joists. This required the work of a professional carpenter to raise the roof load off the pillars. again, Diamond Cut stepped up and found a trusted resource to assess, quote, and perform the required work, all in a tight schedule. In addition, I was very please with the regular communication during the course of the work and the small premium paid was well worth it to redirect your team to cover my job on such short notice. There are several other things I could add but suffice to I expect to enjoy many summers on a porch that is now safe and secure due to your expertise and attention to detail. i was thankful to have found Diamond Cut Masonry and would not hesitate to recommend your services. All the Best,"
- John Wood

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